Vol. VIII, Issue #12___________________________________________________________________ December 2021

"We don't kill babies - we wait until they can walk the streets." - Republican slogan?
Lawsuit: NRA illegally funded Trump, other GOP candidates

[More than 35,000 Americans have been killed by guns this year.]

Gunmakers not liable for deaths in 2017 Las Vegas shooting massacre, court rules
Republicans cover for gun makers; gun makers support Republicans. Nothing new here...

Ammon Bundy to Idaho court: Campaigning should count as community service

Madison Cawthorn Thinks Your Pregnancy Is A Polaroid Or A Sunset Or Something

China's communists bash US democracy before Biden summit

U.S. should expect cyberattacks in any struggle for Taiwan
Consider for a moment, what if both China and Russia make their respective moves on other lands at the same time?
This would be the logical move on their part.
Would the far Right then support Biden, our commander in chief, or would they continue to give "aid and comfort to the enemy"?

What has China and Russia seen lately about the U.S. that shows weakness from their perspective?
(1.) That our government is too weak to even enforce a mask mandate.
(2.) That one of our two parties doesn't support what their own elected officials and judges have certified.
(3.)That one of our two major parties supports might over right, and that as a country we're very divided.

Russia might call our bluff, and make their move on another country.
Then we might see the government leaders in Taiwan taken out, while China claims no ownership in that.

At any rate, our attention and energies will be divided.
Plus, we'll see a massive propaganda effort funneled thru far right elements to discredit our own government.

Maybe, it's a long shot, but maybe cooler heads will find a way
to avoid what appears to be two major conflicts?

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