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Trump, when you make a habit of threatening and attacking witnesses
and prosecutors and court officials, how do you expect our legal system to react?
Trump, you don't have the right to do that.
Anyone else they'd been locked up long ago.
You've been handled with kid gloves.


Change, comes to everything, even here.



‘He’s like a mob boss’: legal experts alarmed by Trump’s attacks on judges
Any other person, he'd have been locked up long ago

Liz Cheney ties House GOP chaos to Trump’s behavior


New US curbs on chip exports to China set to escalate battle for tech supremacy


Mitt Romney criticizes Fox News and right-wing media for warping Republican Party


Judge Threatens ‘Imprisoning’ Trump for ‘Blatantly’ Violating Gag Order

Rep. Hakeem Jeffries: Jim Jordan 'disrespectful to the American people'

Jury selection begins in the first trial in the Georgia election case against Trump and others

What Sidney Powell's guilty plea could mean for Donald Trump in Ga. election interference case


Michigan Republican charged in false elector plot agrees to cooperation deal


Yes, your 'suggestion' is being ignored.

Texas town to pay $175,000 to Democrats after 'Trump Train' highway incident
Bravo to the legal system. Let's hope the town learned something from the terrible behavior.

Exclusive: Mitt Romney on why Jordan's not his first choice for House speaker


Trump committed egregious intelligence breach, ex-UK spy tells court


NBC News To Telecast Next Republican Primary Debate


The gang that couldn't shoot straight: Will the GOP's baffling "ignarrogance" be its undoing?

Christie urges House GOP to ‘stop the petty arguing’ and pick a Speaker

Australia fines Musk's X platform $386,000 over anti-child abuse gaps


Expert sounds alarm as Texas book bans grow: These efforts are “well-organized and well-funded”


North Korea warns of 'catastrophic consequences' after U.S. aircraft carrier arrives off South Korea

Florida declares war on academic freedom. Who gets the big payout? A DeSantis ally | Opinion

‘We see it as a threat to democracy.’ Parents’ groups rise up against school book bans


Rep. Scalise wins GOP nomination for House speaker

Rachel Maddow Blasts Elon Musk's X for Misinformation Amid Israel-Hamas War

California law banning large-capacity gun magazines likely to survive lawsuit


She was told her twin sons wouldn’t survive. Texas law made her give birth anyway.

More charges for George Santos: stealing donors’ identities and credit cards


North Carolina Republicans Are Creating a ‘Secret Police Force’


Why Biden Should Make Democracy, not the Economy, the Centerpiece of his Reelection Message

College students are concerned over a strict new bill that could limit higher education: ‘You can say gravity isn’t true…’


Point made.


Christie says RNC preventing joint interview with Ramaswamy was a ‘mistake’
Christie has nailed it on this one. It's too bad the RNC went the other direction.

'Staggering deceit': Bogus Trump property valuations laid bare at fraud trial

Cohen on Trump fraud trial: ‘There’s no way for him to escape this’


Trump Told Australian Billionaire Nuclear Sub Secrets, Who Then Told 45 Others: Reports
If true, he should be held accountable for his actions.


America's nonreligious are a growing, diverse phenomenon. They really don't like organized religion

The U.S. Constitution expert warned that Trump’s remarks “crossed the line into criminal threats”


Trump attacks backfire: Experts say NY gag order may "embolden" other judges to be "more aggressive"

Pelosi says interim House speaker McHenry has ordered her to vacate her office in the Capitol building


House Democrats to vote in favor of removing Kevin McCarthy as speaker
An interesting turn of events?
The U.S. House did vote to remove McCarthy as speaker.


Poll workers are afraid to work 2024 election. Take Trump, MAGA mob's threats seriously. | Opinion


Pennsylvania governor’s voter registration change draws Trump’s ire in echo of 2020 election clashes
People, especially the working class, don't have time to stand in line to cast a vote.
The rich want to make it as hard as they can for the working class.
When Mr. Derailment became President, the first thing he did was drastically reduce the taxes on the rich.


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